Team Building
Team Building

We can accommodate groups of 5 to 125.

The Team Building and Low Ropes Challenge Course elements are used as tools to present a specific problem to an individual or group to overcome. When presented with the problem, the individual or group must follow specific rules (safety rules and rules of the challenge) to overcome the problem. Each challenge draws on every team member's contributions—their ideas, their support, and their efforts. The course is strategically structured so that the activities gradually increase in level of difficulty. This way that the team continually extends its aspirations and reaches its team building potential.

The Purpose
Imagine a series of elements that present a problem to your group that must be overcome within specific rules. The challenge draws upon your team members' contributions and is designed to gradually increase in difficulty. The best way to grow group unity is by overcoming adversity through teamwork.

The Course
Working together as a team can yield far better results than as a group of individuals. The Team Building and Low Ropes Challenge Course is designed to enhance specific skills and strengths of the participants; such as trust, communication, problem solving, and leadership.

The Tools
Given the choice, would you stay in your comfort zone or venture out to discover new things? New awareness, learning, and behaviors that can help you in every facet of your life is what this tool is all about.
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